Translation, Localisation, Copywriting and Transcreation
What they are and how they differ
Key Writing and Language Services for International Digital Marketing
Their characteristics and how to select the right one for you

Translation, Localisation, Copywriting and Transcreation

There is often confusion when it comes to the key differences between translation, localisation, copywriting and transcreation, which in turn can negatively impact your international digital marketing project and extend turnaround times if the approach needs changing mid-project. We analyse these services and the resources and people needed, so you have the tools to create an effective strategy from the very beginning.

What the ‘Translation, Localisation, Copywriting and Transcreation’ guide covers:

A modern, reader-friendly layout

Our guide combines useful information with great design for a positive reading experience.

Tools to help you with your strategy

Choosing the wrong type of service can extend the duration of the project and waste your time. Read our guide to make sure you choose the right one.

International relevance

These services are key to a strong international digital marketing strategy approach. Find out what they are!

Practical take-aways

We provide you with a handy comparison table for a quick overview of the key differences.

The key points covered for each service

The guide looks at the main characteristics, usage, resources and people involved.

Professional help to be at the top of your game

The information in this chapter is provided by experts in content creation and alteration.


Read our guide to get a clear idea of what these services are and what they entail, so that you are prepared when it comes to choosing the best ones for your international digital marketing project!

Read our guide now, and discover the key four writing and language services in international digital marketing!

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