Buying Translation: Marketing Projects
Find out about marketing translation for off-line, print materials
Things to Consider for Marketing Translation
Learn how to deal with the tricky aspects of marketing translation

‘Marketing Projects’ Chapter

Our guide to buying translation covers the basics of translation projects, and provides useful advice for dealing with translators and agencies. This chapter on marketing projects covers the important aspects of marketing translation, from which file formats to avoid to desktop publishing and visual QA checks.

A modern, reader-friendly layout

A modern, reader-friendly layout

Our guide combines useful information with great design for a positive reading experience

A handy and digestable overview

Each page only offers a handful of points, without cramming information

Learn about marketing projects

Marketing translation comes with its own obstacles… How do you deal with mostly-graphic content? Find out about that in our guide.

Practical take-aways

Learn which file formats are difficult to translate, and which resources you’ll be expected to provide

Learn about Desktop Publishing and visual QA checks

Make sure you know what desktop publishing requires, and carry out all the necessary final checks to ensure none of the content is missing

Professional help to be at the top of your game

The information in this chapter is provided by industry experts


Read our guide on marketing translation, to find out about the obstacles presented by this type of translation, and how to best deal with it. Make sure you know what materials you need to provide to make sure that your marketing projects is a success!

Read our guide now, and learn about marketing projects!

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